Dollar Dollar Bills! What’s your worth.

I’ve worked as a journalist for 18 years, so transitioning to being a fulltime entrepreneur has been a privilege, a challenge, but ultimately an absolute delight. I say this as I truly feel the weight of its exuberance, opportunity and its fortune. Now fortune I mean in the sense that the richness of this venture, this journey, this calling, comes from the experiences great or small, good or bad, fortuitous or unlucky, which will all shape and colour the multi layered tapestry of my being. This richness, not in a “dollar dollar bill” sense, is more in a sense of what infinitely will make my “wairua” my spirit, my soul, rich. 

The “dollar value” is based on the currency by which I can share my knowledge, my experiences, my learnings, the reason for which it will elevate me to a position of positive influence. The equity value of my business is not how much I can churn out multiple zeros on my bottom line, but how the value of what I am producing changes the value in the lives of each of my customers’ bottom (line). I am unashamedly producing a product and future products in the bathroom and toilet space. A space usually left for the private conversations of like minded peers, a doctor and patient, mother and daughter, father and son. So why would a former journalist choose an area that is essentially the uncool region of the inner walls of a home to make her business debut? Because sometimes the product chooses you. I am on this journey, to enrich my life, my experiences, and to ultimately grow the value of my worth in this big wide world, through producing products that will change the way people do their business. There has been a lot of design developments in this area, but I believe not a lot of innovation and real product design attempts to solve these very annoying every day problems. Our first product, The Kiwee Lifter, solves the age-old debate of leaving the toilet seat up. You’d think it would have been invented by now, and made available to buy in a shop or online, but fortunately for us, not. So it seems the Stars have aligned allowing us to produce this very genius, clever and hygienic device, it’s now up to us to show our potential customers it’s worth, and in return handover cool hard cash. But this is only the start for our wee company as we are in the development stages of producing future innovative products, and it seems there is much “pain” in this bathroom space. Comments like; “My kids use too much toilet paper, I can’t tell which one is the shampoo or conditioner, feeling clean after doing number 2s, we use too many towels, where do I put my cleaning products, we go through too many toilet rolls, I hate toothpaste, toothpaste stand up containers are expensive, my kids won’t brush their teeth, where to put all the toilet rolls”, the list goes on... So problem solving and innovative product development is now becoming my forte, and thus growing the value of my experiences, my worth in this world, while reducing my liabilities in life. But don’t get me wrong, I’m in business to also make an impressive net profit margin, to produce healthy profits that allow us to operate, and create future global exports while helping boost GDP. So if you are in business, raise the bar, be bold & brave in your thinking, product develop like no ones watching, market like no ones listening, and sell like no one is interested in buying, because at the end of the day the buck starts and stops with you. So go and turn that one buck into millions more, because don’t let anyone tell you it’s not about the “dollar dollar bills” Yo! Billie Dollar Bills  

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