Wow! Business is like a Bee Hive & I feel like a Honey Bee!

Whoever said business will keep you on your toes, boy was that an understatement! But to tell you the truth, it is what it is and I am absolutely loving it.  We launched our business onto the world wide web whether we were ready or not. I’m an accountability-type and if I say we’re going to do something then we do it!  And that’s just it, advice from many say you’ve just got to start and that’s what we’ve done. Every day’s a learning curve and an endless list of things to do, marketing and social media is a totally new ballgame this Gen X is adapting to. 

It’s definitely the baby that needs constant nurturing and feeding. It’s no wonder there’s dedicated employees or even departments committed to this new generations’ phenomenon. But the busy-ness will continue and as I get better at refining my processes and staying diligent to the needs of the hive, it’s about putting one foot in front of the other. At times taking leaps and bounds but always being mindful that I have an amazing colony of workers that need to be informed and understand our direction and purpose. Because that’s essentially what it’s all about, whether it’s on a nano, micro or macro view of the World, what is our purpose and why are we here? So let your hive be as busy, blessed and bustling with a positive activity, and when the heat gets too hot, get out from the fire, breath take a step back and have belief that all will be right in ones world. From one busy bee to many others x Billie Bee 

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