Never leave the toilet seat up again!


The Kiwee Lifter is the genius toilet seat lifter designed and created in New Zealand by Thomas Hohepa. The ergonomic and minimal design will suit any bathroom or lavatory. It comes with a high quality toilet seat that is soft closing, so let's down the toilet seat automatically.

The Kiwee Lifter solves the annoying problem of the toilet seat being left up and there is no need to touch it at all, so it's super hygienic.

The seat will fit most Aus/NZ toilets and will permanently fix to most floors including, lino, concrete, tiles, and wood or timber. The flush design means it is easy to clean around the floor pedal and also on the arms connecting the lifter to the seat.

The Kiwee Lifter is mounted to the right of the toilet seat only and can be detached from the side for easy cleaning of the seat, if required.

Once you have the Kiwee Lifter you won't ever go back to using a toilet without one.

Hygienic, easy to install and handsfree, the Kiwee Lifter will be your number one purchase for the year!

Kiwee Lifter

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  • The Kiwee Lifter is made from reinforced steel, zinc diecast and powder coated. Stainless steel fixtures are applied and fixed to a high quality toilet seat.