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We are a New Zealand-owned company that has the dream to create simple innovations to everyday problems, starting with the bathroom space.  


We are proud to release our newest products, the Kiwee Lifter and the BDÉT personal hygiene range which aim to "Change the way you do your Business".


The Kiwee Lifter solves the very annoying problem of leaving the toilet seat up! Not only does a man not have to touch the toilet seat to lift it, but it also automatically puts it down. Included with the Kiwee Lifter is a high quality Aus/NZ universal toilet seat that soft closes on completion.

The BDÉT personal hygiene range is another branch of our business which includes the BDÉT Foam Wash, a natural foam that turns toilet paper into a cleansing wipe www.b-det.com

He Korowai


Our Team

He Korowai, is the feathered cloak we call our team of expertly chosen members of The Kiwee Company whanau. 

Modern Bathroom

The Kiwee Company was founded on the principles of creating innovative products that solve everyday problems.


With an initial focus on bathroom products the Kiwee Company will be launching innovative life-changing products that will "Change the way you do your Business".


We hope you love our products as much as we have enjoyed creating working prototypes and working with the best in the industry to bring you beautifully designed solutions.

With that "Kiwi Number 8 Wire" mentality, we have dreamed up most of our ideas from the work benches in our sheds.


Kiwi family's foot-pedal operated toilet seat lifter could revolutionise loos.

June 22, 2018


No more excuses! Kiwi family's life hack promises to save marriages and end the age old argument of leaving the toilet seat should be left up or put back down.




NOV 2018 

A number 8 wire invention is hitting bathrooms around the country, turning a normal toilet into an instant urinal with no touching the toilet seat! So hygienic and clean.


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